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Pavlovskaya  started chick $100

 Limit 3

Shipping for up to 8 started chicks


Please click on image and read Shipping, ordering + policies page.
Please click on image and read Shipping, ordering + policies page.

We are excited to announce that we received our first egg from our breeders on 7-14-14.  We will now set forth with our breeding program so as to be able to offer these gorgeous mild tempered birds to those interested. We are now working with a quad of these wonderful chickens, including one of the original Greenfire Farms imported hens.  Which will allow us to better supply our customers needs.


Rare Russian chickens
Rare Pav breeders

Pavlovskaya is the oldest chicken breed in Russia and A Different Chick Farm is proud to be working with this very rare bird.

They get their name from the village of Paul’s in the Nizhy Novgorod Region in the  rural countryside of Russia ( now called the city of Pavlosk). They are a very cold hardy breed with unique feet feathering aroung the whole leg, full beards, & circular crests.

Most  believe (poultry historians) that the Pavlovskya are the foundational breed of more recently developed crested breeds like the Appenzeller Barthunter, Brabanter, & Polish Crested.



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