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Started Chicks 2-7 weeks old

Get a jump on that backyard flock with started chicks that are slightly easier to manage.

You will need to order a minimum of 5 started chicks for safety. 

All started chicks are unsexed day old. 

Altsteirer started chick $38 

Augsburger started chick $38 


 Lavender Orpington started chick $38  
 We are currently improving our line by introducing a Black Orpington rooster from a different blood line into our program. This will improve genetic diversity and hopefully give a better over all appearance to our line. We have been quite happy with our line but feel it is always good to improve.

This type of breeding will produce chicks that are Black Lavender split. when breeding these chicks together you will get.

Black split Lavender x Black split Lavender = 25% Lavender/ 50% Black split to Lavender/ 25% Black

Pavlovskaya  started chick $100
White American Bresse started chick  $38  

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