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Shipping, Ordering and Policies

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Estimated Shipping + Packaging charges are:



Shipping, ordering and policies
Shipping, ordering and policies

We are a small family owned farm. Chickens are a passion and love for us. We are not a large commercial breeder and therefore we are limited in the amount of chickens we can ship and in many cases we are totally dependent on the out come of the hatch, the hens ability to lay enough eggs at one time to feel your order and unforeseen  problems such as weather, power outages, the loss of a primary breeder or broody hens. Our English Orpingtons tend to all go broody at the same time. If you are not willing to wait on the delivery of these wonderful and amazing birds then we completely understand but if you are then you will are sure you will be pleasantly happy with what you get. Feel free to contact us for any needs or questions you may have. Thanks for considering us for all your rare chicken needs. This information applies to all orders.


Shipping for Hatching eggs

Hatching egg shipping Priority mail USPS 1-10 eggs $15 



Shipping for up to 2 Juveniles  

Shipping $80 

Some birds can require additional shipping charges depending on shipping address and weight. If so we will contact you with the extra charges.

Shipping for adult bird

For  adult birds please e-mail us for a shipping quote.

We ship chicks USPS Priority Mail Express

“Effective Sept 8, 2009, the Postal Service is changing the postage refund eligibility standard for Express Mail shipments of live animals. With this change in policy, postage refunds will not be available for Express Mail shipments of live animals delivered or attempted to be delivered within three days from the date of mailing. Postage refunds requests for Express Mail shipments of live animals delivered after three days from the date of mailing may be paid.”


Juveniles are shipped when available. If you would like a bird we do not currently have you are free to order after contacting us about availability but understand we can not guarantee a delivery date on on our birds. We will give your order the top priority we can in order to insure we get it to you as soon as possible. Please understand our  birds are worth the wait.  We do not offer any guarantee on our poultry due to the vast possibilities of issues that may arise during shipping.

Shipping of eggs and poultry is risky but generally is weel worth the risk. We do all we can to insure safe arrival of your birds. We have a 99% success rate of birds arriving in great condition.


Some of our breeds can be seasonal layers and may take longer breaks between egg cycles. This sometimes can cause unexpected delays in orders. The rewards far out way the wait. We will give you a rough expected delivery time.  All birds will ship on Monday or Tuesday. You will receive an E-Mail after payment is made in full for your order, shipping and handling. Your E-MAIL will contain expected delivery window or month.  Depending on where you are on the waiting list will determine your estimated delivery date.  Please keep in mind estimated delivery date is an estimate only. In some cases your order may need to be carried over until the following year. If this is not acceptable to you we understand and appreciate your interest.  Please contact us with any questions you have before purchasing. PURCHASES ARE NON REFUNDABLE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES.  Thanks for understanding that hatching eggs and growing them into a bird that is acceptable  is not an exact science. Sometimes they just don’t hatch. We highly recommended that the birds be held for pick up at your local post office and they be picked up ASAP to help assure safe delivery.



Shipping + Handling Chart for poultry

Type of Poultry
Most States


Juveniles up to 2 chickens  $80.00 est

Goslings 1-3 days old





Ducks & Turkeys 1-3 days old





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