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English Roosters/Cockerels

We offer roosters/cockerels which will range from 13-36 weeks old at the time of shipment.

This is a convenience for the customer that prefers to have a bird that is much easier to care for than starting with a day old chick.  Availability will vary, in most cases we have chicks already hatched that we can grow to the appropriate age to fill your order. In other cases we may be completely sold out of chicks and have to start from an egg, however sometimes we may have the perfect bird ready to go. If you are not able to wait for your chickens then please consider this before ordering. Due to the fact that we sometimes will put this money to work as soon as the order is confirmed it is not refundable under no circumstance.  We are at the mercy of our hens to lay the egg, the rooster to fertilize it and the hatcher to hatch it.   We look forward to caring for your birds and delivering them to you as soon as possible. We at A Different Chick Farm are a small family owned farm, which allows us to give you personal care for your needs and we love our customers very much. This message is to merely help you make an informed decision.

English Buff Orpington $80 
English Crele Orpington $80 
English Isabel Orpington $80 


Shipping is required in order for us to ship your birds so please click on the image below to view  shipping and ordering  information before you complete your order.

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