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Apple Scion



All scion will be shipped as 4-8 inch pieces and at least three buds. Unless otherwise noted.

We include extras when available of some of our other rare scions.

Thanks for looking. 





Apple scion wood available.

 Pieces vary between 4-8 in pieces.
We will include extra pieces of some of our rare  varieties as long as they are still available with every order.
  All pieces are large enough to graft- as they are what we use on our trees.  Please indicate desired variety when placing order.  Items will be updated as they are sold.  Pictures are of the trees we have grafted, they are not what you will receive.  The auction is for scion wood only.
All scion will be shipped in a plastic bag and wrapped in damp paper for preservation. Be sure to store your scion properly. Be sure to move it to proper storage or use as soon as received.  We are more than glad to combine shipping. We can ship 12 pieces for the same price as 1. 
Just select the variety or varieties you want and let us know when you check out and we will take care of the rest. 

Please visit our website for more information about our farm at  We will have grafted trees available for sale this fall

Available varieties:

Chehalis x1 (small diamater)
Horse apple X7
Mutsu X6
Ginger gold X2 (small diamater)
Red delicious X5
Rusty Coat X3
Wolf River X5
Va Beauty X3
Cameo X1
Mountain Boomer X4
Granny Smith X3
Cortland X1
Akane x2 (small diamater)