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Augsburger Pullet
Augsburger pullet
Rare off white egg layers
Augsburger chickens


Augsburger Pullet Spring

Order for fall/winter 2017



Augsburger started chick $38 

Limit 12  

Order for fall/winter 2017

Shipping for up to 8 started chicks


Please click on image and read Shipping, ordering and policies page.
Please click on image and read Shipping, ordering and policies page.


The Augsburger is a very rare Bavarian chicken developed in the 1800s and is well known for its duplex or buttercup comb and the generous number of large white eggs that the Augsburger hens produce. The unusual comb supposedly was the development of crossing the Le Fleche from France and the Lamotta from Italy into the Augsburger line. It is said that only about 25% of pure Augsburgers manifest the duplex comb, and the remaining chicks have straight combs. We cannot guarantee which type of comb will grow on the chicks we ship, but as adults, birds from our flocks should produce chicks with duplex combs. In our hatches, we have seen around 50% of our chicks with the duplex comb.

Augsburgers are one of the rarest chickens in the world. In 2000, there was only 24 black Augsburger roosters remiaining in the world. Recently importerd by Greenfire Farms.  This is a surprisingly hardy ultra-rare and productive breed. Egg size and number is amazing. These hens are amazing producers of a gorgeous white egg. Augsburgers are a great combination of rarity and practicality that should impress any poultry enthusiast.


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