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Coronation Sussex

Coronation Sussex Day old unsexed chick


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Coro Unrelated trio
Coronation Sussex Hen
Coronation Sussex trio
Coronation Sussex Unrelated Trio

The Coronation Sussex is a heavy English breed.

It is famous as a table fowl and the cocks should weigh in at 9 pounds, with the hens reaching 7 pounds. The hens, which are fair setters, lay a light brown egg. The Coronation Sussex was created to honor the Coronation of King George.

This is a very rare breed in the U.S. The first Coronation Sussex were imported to the US from Australia. They are becoming very popular due to temperament and nice large size. Their stunning color is just a added bonus.

Our Coronation Sussex is truely my favorite breed on our farm. I was in love from the moment I first saw them on Greenfire Farms website and set out to own them. In the end we purchased a quad of unrelated breeders from Greenfire Farms but tragically 1 of them did not make the trip from Florida. Now well into our own breeding program, we are looking to continue with this superior bird for years and years to come.


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