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English Lavender Orpingtons

We are currently breeding a new line of English Lavender Orpingtons and hope to have them available fall 2018 to spring of 2019



The Lavender Gene:

Lavender x Lavender = Lavender
Lavender or “self blue” can also be used to create lots of new shades and colors as it is a diluting gene as long as the bird is carrying two doses of Lavender. All black coloring will become Lavender and any red pigment will dilute to a straw color. You can also introduce a black rooster to help improve feather color and quality every generation in your Lavendar line.

Lavender bred to lavender = 100% lavender offspring

Lavender bred to split black = 50% lavender and 50% split black offspring

Lavender bred to non-split black = 100% split black offspring

Black split Lavender x Black split Lavender = 25% Lavender/ 50% Black split to Lavender/ 25% Black

Split black bred to non-split black = 50% split black and 50% non-split black


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